Carpool to School

Inspired by a mom frustrated with planning and organizing carpools for her family. CarpooltoSchool launched to transform how parents meet other parents at their schools, coordinate and and manage transportation options for their children. Committed to helping parents and schools reduce the stress of limited transportation, CarpooltoSchool is a leader in delivering new and innovative transportation options to safely get children where they need to go to be all they can be. Trust is our highest value we’re excited that we’ve earned the trust schools across the country.

By utilizing CarpooltoSchool, school administrators can leverage technology to offer diverse, low maintenance transportation-pooling to parents by providing all of the resources needed to safely organize carpools, walkpools and bikepools. With one easy-to-use platform, CarpooltoSchool improves the parent’s options increasing student recruitment opportunities and retention.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C.,CarpooltoSchool wants to shift the focus away from logistics and back to the children.

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