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Schedules & Calendar

Xavier High School -- 1-Click Schedules and online Calendar
See the link called Sports Schedules at the left for current schedules and the new, online calendar -- as Xavier has moved into the Bay Conference...  or...  scroll down.
There are actually THREE different options explained below on this page:  the easy-to-use 1-click direct links to schedules, the entire Xavier calendar, and, the Bay Conference master calendar.
This schedule info or calendar info will be the MOST CURRENT info of all schedules and calendars regarding XHS Athletics.


1 -- The 1-click links, found via the Sports Schedules page, available at the left on this System web site, will take you directly to the specific sports schedule for Xavier High athletic teams.
2 -- Or, for the entire Xavier High online calendar, use this:
XAVIER CALENDAR----DIRECT LINK - ALL SCHEDULES - ETC -----  on the Bay Conference rSchool site

3 -- Or, go to the BAY CONFERENCE calendar, to find schedule info regarding a specific school or for the entire conference calendar.

Adjust your bookmark(s), if necessary for any direct link, as the links CHANGED with the move by Xavier to the Bay Conference.
NEW info about the Xavier JV and Xavier Frosh teams... regarding the Bay Conference:
JV 1 is what Xavier has called JV teams in past years, and,

JV 2 is what the Bay Conference calls what Xavier has called its FROSH teams in past years.


NOTE:  You WILL need to change your bookmark(s) for these new schedule names, and, you WILL need to SIGN UP again under the NOTIFY ME section, using these new schedule names (JV 1 and-or JV2).

Some schedules via links on this web site may not  yet be complete...  and the schedules, especially the spring sports schedules, are subject to change because of the weather or other factors.

Be sure to sign up to BE NOTIFIED of game schedule changes...  or...  be notified of XHS events that you choose!  See details via the "Be Notified" link to the left, in the Athletics section.

The calendar is a joint, on-line effort of all Bay Conference schools, and, your contact info is not maintained in the files of this System web site.


-- For info, see ELIGIBILITY & REQUIREMENTS on this web site.
   -- For EXAM DATES and ROOM LOCATIONS, use link option # 2 above to open the entire, online XAVIER CALENDAR... then... look under VIEW SCHEDULE options for ImPACT TESTING.

To find the starting date for Xavier High athletic teams, see the specific schedule for the sport(s) you want...  by using either the link(s) on the specific sports page of this web site, or, by using the entire calendar via the link at the top of this web page.
Each schedule for any Xavier High School athletic team includes the revised date which that particular calendar data was last revised, to reflect the most current info.  Note that on each of the team schedules there also  is a date listed near the header showing an "as of" date -- located near the schedule name.  That "as of" date is the date you are viewing and-or-printed the schedule, and is NOT the revised date.

You may want to bookmark the 1-click links -- so you can easily find the calendar & schedules for Xavier High...  without having to possibly work through time-consuming steps on the calendar site to find schedule info.  If you want to "combine" calendar data, multiple sports or activities that you choose, you will need to use the XAVIER CALENDAR link above.
Practices are generally not listed on the Xavier Calendar web site, and, any change(s) to a practice schedule will be announced via each team's head coach.  Schedule cards are not printed by Xavier, as was done in past years.  However, you can print the schedules / calendars from the new calendar.  When opened, schedules are called a Calendar Report by rSchoolToday, which hosts the calendar web site.
Remember, any weather-modified dates & info will be incorporated as soon as possible into the online Xavier Athletic calendar.

Know that MOST of the information on the new calendar is posted by the Xavier Athletic Director...  but SOME is actually done by other parties, especially directions, maps or site locations, which may or may not be correct.
1 --- Schedule cards are NO LONGER printed.
2 --- The online calendars likely do NOT list the practice schedule.
3 --- You can no longer  find correct info regarding the Xavier schedules & calendar via or via the Eastern Valley Conference -- as has been used in the past few years.
4 --- You may want to bookmark each address above into your favorites section of your computer...  for easy access.
5 --- Within each schedule you can find the date which that schedule was updated.

ALSO ---- more important notes --- a brand NEW on-line calendar is now utilized for ALL Xavier sports teams, events and schedules.  That calendar will also include all school events plus all events utilizing school facilities.  You may need to change the bookmark on your computer, using any direct link on the specific sports page of this web site.  Those direct links will ONLY open that particular sport in the current school year... called a Calendar Report.  Note that some sports will ALSO have "options" for you to consider using.  The new calendar operates differently than the old Xavier calendar, as it has features that will enhance the capabilities of the athletic department and the entire Conference, assisting the athletic directors and you, a calendar user. It eliminates considerable paperwork and does many things online... between all league schools, non-conference opponents, game officials, coaches, parents, students, grandparents, family members, fans, news media, and much more!