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High School

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School Hours:
M 8:30am-3:00pm
T-F 8:00am-3:00pm

Office Hours:
M-F 7:30am-4:00pm

High School Fax: 
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Library Media Center

The ministry Catholic education in the Xavier LMC means that personnel are committed to aiding students in many practical and diverse ways and ...

  • provide an atmosphere of academic excellence in a quiet, faith-filled environment.
  • aid each individual to find current and authoritative information on a wide variety of topics for class projects and presentations.
  • cooperate with all students and faculty to teach needed library, computer, and Internet skills.
  • encourage the exploration and responsible use of diverse resources including books, magazines, newspapers, information databases, LMC computer software, AV materials, and Internet.

Xavier Catholic Schools Destiny Catalog - click HERE to search for library resources

Library Media Center Hours

  • Mondays:  8:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.
  • Tuesdays - Fridays:  7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
The Xavier LMC is closed on all vacation days, in-service days, weekly Monday morning meetings, and first lunch.  On days when special schedules are in effect, the LMC will follow the revised schedule for that day.

LMC Atmosphere
The LMC is one of the two rooms in the building where students can go where it's quiet.  Students who want to study or make-up a test prefer that the LMC is quiet.  Students need to work in groups for a class project need a place to meet and collaborate.  Thus, three different groups may need to utilize the LMC at the same time.   The goal of the LMC staff is to provide a place where students are able to read, study, test, and work in a quiet to low-noise, respectful, and relaxed atmosphere.  Students who want to socialize with their friends need to meet in the Commons.

LMC Resources  -- Electronic Resources

  • Online card catalogs and access to area online card catalogs
  • Five computers for printing and student use
  • One computer for copying and scanning documents
  • Access to Internet resources and databases from the LMC's electronic resources webpage
  • Books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other print resources
  • CD-ROM, DVD, video, and other electronic resources
  • Audio visual equipment


Use of only approved or already installed software or computer peripherals is allowed on LMC computers.  All installation work of any kind on the LMC computers is done solely by Xavier's network administrator.


Printing material in the Xavier LMC requires a print preview and a controlled printing of only the material desired.  Copy pasting your notes into Word with appropriate citation information is recommended.  Ask permission before printing more than ten consecutive pages unless the printout is of finished project work to be handed in to your teacher.  Ask for help if you do not know how to do a controlled printout of information.

To print in color requires knowledge of the printer set-up in the LMC.  Ask for permission and help before printing in color.

School ID

Students need to present their school picture ID to media personnel in order to check out Xavier LMC materials.  This ID is also a library card.

Materials Checkout

  • Book checkout is for seven weeks.  A book may be checked out a second time if there is no waiting list for the title.
  • Magazine checkout is for one week.  In general magazines are not renewed.  Photocopy the article(s) if necessary.
  • Newspapers are for use in the LMC.  Students may arrange for overnight checkout.
  • Videos or DVD recordings are checked out to teachers.  When students need to view a video or DVD that they have missed, they may do so in the library.
  • Reserved books and other materials for a class or class project may not be checked out or may have special checkout policies assigned to them.  In general the majority of these materials may be checked out for overnight use only.


Overdue materials are charged a fine of $.05 a day after a short grace period. This fine applies to regular checkout of books (seven weeks) and magazines (one week).

Overnight checkout of materials incurs an immediate fine of $.50 per hour each hour all day for a maximum fine of $4.00 a day each day that the item(s) is/ are overdue. The expectation is that these items are important for class work and should be available on campus during the school day. All items are due by 8:00 a.m. to avoid this substantial fine.

Near the end of each term, ALL LMC materials are due.  Exceptions will be given to students who ask library personnel for an extension.  A $1.00 per day per item fine will be assessed for missing the mandatory deadline.

Special Note: ALL fines need to be paid at the conclusion of each term, and all items replaced, returned or renewed. Failure to take of this each term may endanger library privileges.

Code of Conduct in the XHS LMC

  • Have Xavier school ID on hand at all times.
  • Have your Xavier Acceptable Use Policy on file.  Have read it carefully and understand all the expectations put forth in this AUP before using the Xavier computers.
  • Maintain a studious, quiet to low noise atmosphere in the LMC.
  • The LMC is not a social lounge.
  • Use courtesy and Internet netiquette at all times while in the LMC.
  • Be responsible for all items used in the LMC or checked out.
  • Present PASS to LMC personnel for signature and return PASS to teacher or supervisor during class and lunch times. (Some exceptions for seniors and students with off blocks.)
  • ASK for HELP from LMC personnel whenever you need it.