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Wellness Screen

Dear Parents,

You are well aware that the physical and mental health of young people plays a key role in their ability to succeed in school, have rewarding relationships with family members and friends, and lead productive and happy lives. St. Francis Xavier Catholic School System is committed to working with you not only to educate your children, but also to ensure that they reach their full potential outside of the classroom. To that end, in the 2015-2016 school year, we are targeting parents of ninth grade students with the opportunity to have their teens participate in an emotional wellness check-up called Connected Community Wellness Screen, which uses a nationally-recognized screening tool but this resource is available to all of our students. The screening program is free and completely voluntary and confidential.

The teen years are a time of tremendous change. Connected Community Wellness Screen can help parents better understand the changes their teens are experiencing. No matter what the results of your teen’s screening are, the program will provide you with important information.

For most parents, this screening will reassure you that your teen is just experiencing the typical “roller coaster” of emotions.  For other parents, Connected Community Wellness Screen can help you pinpoint a problem in its early stages; giving you the ability to secure needed help for your teen and reduce the chance that a more significant problem will develop in the future.

I hope you will take advantage of this confidential check-up. Please read the information below and in the attached “Common Questions and Answers about Connected Community Wellness Screen” and then sign and return the Parent Consent Form on the next page to indicate whether you want your teen to participate.

How Does Wellness Screen Work?
Sarah Bassing-Sutton, Program Director of Connected Community Wellness Screen, will be in charge of the program. It will take place during school hours in a private setting at the school from November 5th through the end of 3rd term. Your teen will not be screened without your permission. All screening results will be kept confidential, stored separately from academic records, and not shared with your teen’s teachers. There are three steps to the screening procedure:

Step One: Teens complete a 10-minute questionnaire about vision, hearing and dental problems, symptoms of depression and anxiety, suicidal thinking and behavior, attentional problems and disruptive behavior, and use of drugs and alcohol.

Step Two: Teens whose answers reveal a potential problem and teens who ask for help then meet with a trained mental health professional in private to determine if further evaluation would be helpful. Teens whose answers show they probably do not need help meet briefly with other program staff to answer any questions they may have about the program and to give them the opportunity to ask for help with any other concerns the screening did not cover.

Step Three: You will be contacted by program staff only if your teen meets with a member of our clinical screening staff. If this is the case, program staff will share the overall results with you and discuss ways you can get help for your teen. You will not be contacted if your teen is not found to need additional mental health services. If a vision, hearing or dental need is identified during the screening process, program staff will share this information with the school nurse.

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School System provides this screening at no cost, but does not provide further evaluation or treatment services. It is up to you to decide if you want to obtain any additional services for your teen.

Please do not hesitate to call Sarah Bassing- Sutton at 920-277-5096 if you have any questions. You may also find information about the Connected Community Wellness Screen program at

Wellness Screen FAQs
Consent Form


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