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Xavier Theatre Academy Information

Xavier Theatre Academy
A Program of the Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School System

Presented by the Xavier Theatre Club & Christmas Stars

With support from and the Thomas Feavel and Marge Bekkers Charitable Trust

Thank you for your interest in the Xavier Theatre Academy!

If you have any questions, please email the Program Director, Jim Romenesko (

  Statement of purpose:

The Xavier Theatre Academy is a three-week intensive theatre experience for serious, impassioned performers and technicians. The objective of the Academy is to involve committed students completing grades 1 through 9 in a fully-staged play or musical using professional production practices while educating them in all aspects of theatre production. Each season, Academy holds two sessions: the first session prepares students CURRENTLY in Grades 5-9 for performances of a 60-minute Broadway JR musical. The second session prepares students CURRENTLY in Grades 1-9 for performances of a 30-minute Broadway KIDS musical. Students can participate in both shows in a season if they are CURRENTLY in Grades 5-9.

 Academy Program Timeline:

This is a general timeline of the Academy schedule and is subject to change by season; to be notified when audition dates are released, please join the Academy email list via the Academy webpage

 ·        Audition Workshop: Winter (optional/not required for auditions); students interested in auditioning for either JR or KIDS shows are highly encouraged to attend

·        General Unified Auditions for Academy Season (both JR and KIDS shows): Winter/Early Spring

·        General Casting for both JR and KIDS shows released approximately one week after General Auditions are completed

·        Callbacks for JR Show: students will be invited to participate in callback auditions for specific roles based on performance in the General Auditions; callbacks for JR show take place approximately two to three weeks after General Auditions

·        Callbacks for KIDS show take place later in the spring; students will be invited to participate in callback auditions for specific roles based on performance in the General Auditions

·        JR Show Session: Monday through Friday 12:15-4:15 during the first three weeks of June (dependent on area districts’ last day of school), with performances in the evenings during the third week; matinees on Friday and Saturday of closing

·        KIDS Show Session: Wednesday through Friday 12:15-4:15 during the second-to-last week of July, Monday through Friday 12:15-4:15 during the last week of July and first week of August, with performances in the evenings during the third week; matinee on Saturday of closing

  Student Expectations:

Students are expected to participate fully in this endeavor and to allow others to do the same. Actions contrary to this goal are not acceptable and will result in consequences up to and including dismissal from the program with no refund.  The Academy Director has the final say in all issues pertaining to the academy operation, casting, and duties/responsibilities during performances.

 Please be advised that the participation in the academy is based on skills and potential exhibited during the audition as well as availability. This is not a “no-cut” audition. Please be certain your child understands this before auditioning.

  Costume Policy:

Most costumes are provided by the Academy. However, the following personal items are required for performers depending on their assigned role. Black ballet or jazz slippers and/or black character shoes (single strap vs. t-strap) for females, black or brown dress shoes (depending on role) for males. More details will be provided to those who are cast in the show(s) once characters are assigned. Undergarments are also the responsibility of the student. Tights, wigs and other costume pieces are provided.

 Additionally, the hairstyle worn at auditions should be maintained unless you are informed otherwise. Performers should not have drastic changes to hair style (short cuts, coloring, perm, etc) without a consultation with the director. Some modern styles will need to be modified. Expenses (wigs or re-styling made necessary by variance from this rule) are the responsibility of the performer.


Academy tuition is $315.00* for the JR show and $215.00* for the KIDS show. Students participating in both shows get a discounted price of $115.00* for the KIDS show. Payments will again be accepted through Showtix4u (our ticketing agent) this year with a nominal fee or by check (no fee if paid on time). Full payment details will be included in the acceptance letter sent to students who are cast in the show(s). Tuition includes show t-shirt.

 *Tuition subject to change by season; prices will be set and updated by the date of Audition Registration release each year


There are no scholarships available directly from the theatre academy. However, some employers and school systems do offer scholarship opportunities. The academy will gladly provide documentation to assist you in securing such scholarships.

 Additional Information:

All casting is based on the expectation that the student will be able to learn the material and perform it proficiently, behave in a cooperative, appropriate manner, fulfill attendance requirements, and fulfill the expectations outlined in the audition forms. The student’s continued participation in the production(s) is dependent upon these conditions. Auditions are open to any student who meets the audition requirements.