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Christian Service

Christian Service is a graduation requirement for students. Students are required to complete ten hours of service each semester at Xavier, totaling 80 hours over 4 years. A half-credit is given after completion of these 80 hours.

If a student does more than ten hours during a semester, the extra hours should be recorded, but they cannot be carried over into the next semester. However, service hours done during the summer may count toward the first semester total. Hours done after December 15 may be credited toward second semester.

Students must be current with their service hours or they will receive a failing grade on their grade report at the end of the 2nd or 4th term. Service forms must be submitted to the Campus Minister two weeks before the second and fourth term exams. All service forms must include a phone number, and a parent may not sign forms unless they are the chairperson of the event. Parents may check on a student's status by contacting the Campus Minister.

Juniors will contract their hours. All juniors will be required to complete twenty hours with one agency. The agency will complete an evaluation of the student's work and students will be required to turn in two reflection papers to the Campus Minister. This is an attempt to help students with completing their requirement and also to make the service hours more meaningful for the student.

Students are required to complete their service work in the following categories:

Nursing Home or Hospital (10 hours)
photo.JPGStudents may work as a volunteer or just simply help with activities that are planned for the area nursing homes. The Campus Minister will provide opportunities for students throughout the school year, especially when there is no school or a half day of school. Students may also do service for elderly people in their neighborhood to fulfill these hours. Work cannot be done for grandparents. Students should seek prior approval from the Campus Minister before beginning a project with an elderly person.

Parish (20 hours)
All students must complete hours working within their parish, or if they do not belong to a parish, they must complete the hours in a parish. Parish picnics, mailings, babysitting, ushering, serving,
reading, teaching religious education are all good examples of how a student can earn his/her parish hours.

Community Organizations (30 hours)
Students must complete hours with community organizations such as the Children's Museum, Youth ARC, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Special Olympics, Fox Cities Marathon, St. Joe's Middle School, etc. If students complete more than 10 hours in the Nursing Home/Hospital Category or more than 20 hours in the Parish category, these hours can be transferred to Community Organizations.

Other (20 hours)
Any service work that does not fall into one of the above three categories or hours above and beyond the required hours in any category is considered "other" service hours. For example: working at Food Fair, water boy for football, helping Booster Club, etc.